Beauty By Krystal: Barielle Runway Fever (Fall/Winter 2012)

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Barielle Runway Fever (Fall/Winter 2012)

This year Barielle released some new shades for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection, five of them are in the Runway Fever set - which can be purchased for $25.00 on their website (about $5 per bottle) - or individually at $8 per bottle. Other than their website, I have seen them pop up in Ross stores, but I'm not sure where you can buy them in person. I was so excited to try out this set, I thought all the shades looked perfect for foggy, crisp days this season. All the shades applied beautifully, most are cream finishes with one being a frost (2 coats used for the following photos).

Erica's Pencil Skirt | creamy deep wine color | a true wine shade, so luxe and a dream to apply, my top pick of this set! It's much brighter in the sunlight, but at night it looks so delicious

Alli's Lace Cover Up | muted dusty pink | I assumed I wasn't going to like this shade, but it's far prettier on the nails than in the bottle, a pleasant surprise

One Shade Of Gray | dark gray with purple | a nice cool gray, very fitting for this season's weather

Rusted Vintage Boots | creamy rust | the name suits the shade very well, these remind me of a pair of riding boots I saw at DSW a couple years ago

Jordana's Skinny Jean | frosted sapphire blue | this shade is fantastic! When I was applying it I kept thinking I saw a red or fuchsia shimmer, but I couldn't see any in the bottle or on my nails - I thought I was a little crazy, haha. And then I removed the polish and the cotton had a pinky-fuchsia tint - AHA! I knew it was in there somewhere :)