Beauty By Krystal: May 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Youngblood Mighty Shiny Lip Gel - Confessed, Revealed

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When I saw the press release for the Youngblood NEW Mighty Shiny Lip Gels (coming in 7 shades), I was so excited to try them out! I was lucky enough to receive two of them from PR, lucky because I wasn't expecting two and they are $25 each so I was already fence riding about getting just one. I'm already a fan of Youngblood's lip glosses, and these are so different than those, in a great way.

The packaging is super cute, I love how they look in my gloss drawer. I have found you need to squeeze out the lip gel onto your lips and use the slanted tip to spread it out. If you try to squeeze and spread simultaneously (like you would with any other lip product with the same type of packaging), the tip will actually suck in your lip - like a vacuum effect. So, be a little more conscious when applying so you don't suck all the gel back into the tube.

The lip gels have a smooth feel, they glide on and smooth out your lips and keep them hydrated the entire time you are wearing the gels, even when they begin to fade away you're still left with soft lips. The formula is a tiny bit sticky, but the longer you wear them the less sticky they feel - it could be from the warmth of your skin. They don't really have a flavor or a scent, which is great for me because I can easily say no to a gloss if it has weird fruity or floral scents. I received two shades, Confessed and Revealed, so lets get into their individual reviews.

Confessed is described as "a juicy watermelon-red". This comes out very sheer on my lips, but with a slight tint of red. In person, you would think I have on clear gloss, but since I know what my lips look like nude, I can see that tiny tint. I have been using this on its own or on top of lipsticks that I feel look too light on me.

Revealed is described as "a sheer peach-pink with gold shimmer". This wears like a clear gloss on my lips. In person, you cannot see the shimmer at all. But when I look in my compact mirror, out in the sun, I can see the shimmer... indoors, not so much. I've been wearing this on top of a darker lip color, like Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blushing Nude 637 (my favorite lipstick!), and with a darker background the shimmer stands out much more, but again it still looks clear.

Youngblood Mighty Shiny Lip Gel / .25 oz / $25.50 / available 6/1/12
Indulge lips with high shine, slick color and a light vanilla scent. Loaded with antioxidants and naturally nourishing oils to quench dryness and protect against the elements. Non-sticky.
Application: Pull cap (do not twist), squeeze tube to dispense desired amount then directly apply the specially designed tip to lips. Can be layered over Lipstick or used as a lip moisturizer.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Youngblood Luminous Creme Blush (Summer 2012) - Plum Satin

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Confession time: The Youngblood Luminous Creme Blush is the very first cream/creme blush I have ever used in my whole makeup history. When it first arrived, I photographed it like I do with every new product I buy or receive, but them I just let it sit in my "products I need to try out" lineup. I've always been scared that I'll apply too much color or won't be able to blend it out evenly. I know, such a chicken butt!

So, I finally started using this creme blush a couple weeks ago. I first used it with my fingers, applied with one finger, then blended it out with another finger - the application was simple and easy to smooth into my skin. It took a couple good minutes to apply and build up the color as much as I wanted so I switched to a brush (ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush). Oh yes! Using a brush is much more mmomy-friendly. I just swirled it in the pot and picked up as much product as I liked. I began with small circular (light handed pressure - let the bristles do the work) motions on the apples of my cheek where I wanted majority of the color to be, then I started making bigger circular motions while blending the color out towards the back of my cheekbone near my hair line. This is my favorite way to apply this blush now.

The creme blush gives a beautiful sheen on the skin, no sparkles or glitters or "oily" shine - it looks natural and healthy. The color of course can be applied sheer or heavily, which ever makes you happy. I have come to love wearing this creme blush on my no-makeup days. I just wear my Origin's Vitazing moisturizer and this creme blush, curl my lashes and through on a tinted lip color and I'm good to go! On going-out nights, I have been layering MAC's powder blush in On A Mission which is a plumy mauve.

Oh, and if you were worried that the price point was high, Youngblood is a mineral makeup company, so their ingredients are safe and good for your skin PLUS you can also use this on your lips for some lip color, which I have been doing a lot lately. Just make sure you apply a blam prior so the color will stay creamy - I sometimes put a heavy clear gloss on top if I'm going out in public.

Luminous Creme Blush / .21 oz / $27.00 / available 6/1/12
Give cheeks a burst of color and radiance with this cream-textured blush. The oil-free formula combines a shimmering glow with sheer, long-wearing color. Wear as a cheek color or highlighter, or layer with powder blushes for extra vibrancy.
Application: Apply with fingertips, making sure to blend before product sets.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Butter London LIPPY & Lacquer: Trout Pout

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Starting off with Butter London Nail Lacquer in Trout Pout, it's described as "An opaque shade of cantaloupe, a pale and retro lacquer." retails at $14.00 for .4 fl oz.

This color holds true to the description, it's a cheery cantaloupe shade, bright and very pigmented. I only needed 2 coats to get a full opaque coverage, and on its own it has a very shiny finish, but of course a top coat will extend that "fresh manicure" finish for a few more days. I love this shade on my hands, but I've been obsessively wearing it on my toes - this bright shade makes my olive skin tone look tan and ready for Summer!

On to the NEW Butter London LIPPY in Trout Pout. Described as "A creamy peach-cantaloupe colour." retails at $17.00 for .24 fl oz.

This is definitely a lip LACQUER! It's thick, very pigmented and it lasts on the lips for hours. It provides a really high shine finish and wears down to a light stain. The LIPPY has a pretty tacky feeling, but once it warms into your lips it smooths out and that "sticky" feel goes away. I don't personally like this shade on me (I'm not one for neutral or nude colors), but I can see this being a great shade for my nude-lippie-loving readers!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Butter London LIPPY & Lacquer: Primrose Hill Picnic

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Let's begin with Butter London Nail Lacquer in Primrose Hill Picnic. Described as "A happy, punchy, tropical, fuschia pink lacquer. Will make you want to take off your shoes and run barefoot through the office." retails at $14.00 and is .4 fl oz.

I found this polish to be very pigmented, needing just 2 coats to get fully opaque, it applies smooth and evenly, easy to use brush and the color is bright and cheery - PERFECT for sunny days! It lasted about 4 days (with a base and top coat) before any chipping began. For $14, this is definitely worth picking up, I love the color and I love how long it has lasted on me.

Now for the NEW Butter London LIPPY in Primrose Hill Picnic. Described as "A punchy, tropical, fuchsia pink." retails at $17.00 and is .24 fl oz.

I found this lip gloss to be quite thick, like a lip lacquer (which is kinda the point), very pigmented (almost like a lipstick), the applicator grabs a lot of product, but since it is pretty thick I had to redip the applicator a few times to get a full coverage of color on my lips. My favorite thing about the lip gloss is the staying power, it lasts hours and hours. The heavy formulation just clings to my lips and even with drinking and eating I still have the stain from the very pigmented color. The shine is high when first applied, then it settles down to a medium shine after an hour or two. I absolutely love this LIPPY and at $17 it's definitely a splurge item.