Beauty By Krystal: July 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tints - Blood Orange, Sugared Fig

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My current favorite lip balm/tint for the Summer is Pacifica's Color Quench Lip Tints. I had the shade Blood Orange but ended up giving it to my friend because the shade looked too coppery on my skin - it smells aaamazzzing though. The shade I have been obsessed with is Sugared Fig, a lightly shimmered plumy color that smells like cherry soda! I actually lost this lippie for almost two weeks and I was so, unbelievably heartbroken that it was gone forever - these lippies are .25oz, that's huge! I ended up finding it in my son's diaper bag, I think my daughter moved it from my purse to his bag - she's a re-organizer like that ;)

The lip tints are super hydrating, and sheer enough that I can reapply without a mirror, yet tinted enough that I get great color payoff. The Blood Orange shade I gave to my friend, she says she loves it and uses it all the time now. I have secret plans to buy all the shades, especially their new pearly luminizing one, Coconut Pearls. They also offer a lip tint trio (which I'm anxious to get!) at $18 for Guava Berry, Coconut Nectar, Blood Orange.

Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint $9.00 ea / .25 oz
NEW Color Quench Natural Moisture Lip Tint is treatment plus color the Pacifica way, meaning major moisture (from amazing coconut and avocado oils), nourishing naturals and gorgeous, sheer shades in a perfectly portable and 100% recyclable tube.  100% vegan.  Go on, have more than one.  Your lips will love you for it!

Blood Orange (lip tint) Sweet coral with a pop of pink
Coconut Nectar (lip tint) Shimmery, golden raisin
Coconut Pearls (luminizing) Sheer shimmer, pop of pearl
Guava Berry (lip tint) A quintessential berry stain
Sugared Fig (NEW!) (lip tint) A rich, plummy fig with a hint of sexy sparkle
Vanilla Hibiscus (lip tint) Pale pink with a touch of pearl

Guava Berry – A quintessential berry stain
Coconut Nectar – Shimmer, golden raisin
Blood Orange – Sweet coral with a pop of pink

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Youngblood Fall 2012 - Lipstick in Blushing Nude

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If you are new to my blog, then let me introduce myself... Hi, my name is Krystal and I'm addicted to bright and bold lipsticks. I own too many reds, fuchsias, pinks and oranges but I only own a small handful of nude lip colors, and I rarely ever wear them. I always feel like nude lippies make me look tired and slightly unhealthy. Now that you understand my stand-off-ish attitude towards nudes, will you believe that I have been wearing a nude lipstick every day for the past few weeks?! Yes, it's true! "In Love" doesn't even begin to explain my relationship with Youngblood's Lipstick in Blushing Nude, which is coming out this Fall (August to be exact) in their newest collection. When Youngblood asked me if I'd be interested in trying it - I honestly showed hesitation because I dislike nudes so much, but she mentioned that she wears and loves brights as well and she actually likes this nude shade too. So, I took a chance - and now I'm hooked!

Since I don't have any dislikes for this product, I'm just going to proceed with all my likes and loves. I like the black, sleek packaging, the secure closure, the YB logo on top of the cap and the absence of labels and lettering on the outside. Now, when I first opened this lipstick, the color stole my heart immediately. Blushing Nude is like a my-lips-but-better shade for my natural lip color. Youngblood describes it as "a muted pinkish beige with a slight sheen".

Now for my loves! I love the secret luminous effect without glitters or shimmers, I love the smooth texture when applying (tugging is never comfortable), and mostly I LOVE the hydration! It's incredible! When I said earlier that I have been wearing this every day, I really mean every day, all day long and into the night. I have been wearing this without prepping my lips with a chap stick or balm beforehand, and I have not experienced any dryness, chapping or flaking. The only time the lipstick fades is after I eat, in a full day I only need to reapply about three times. On its own, the lipstick lasts four hours or until my next meal.

The Youngblood lipsticks are $19.00 each, a pretty penny, but completely worth it! I know I'm not alone when I complain that I've wasted a lot of money on MAC lipsticks just to hate their texture or have to smother them with glosses so my lips don't crack into pieces. I'd be shocked if this lipstick lasts me through the Winter, I just can't stop wearing it! Lipstick / (.14 oz/4 g) / $19.00
Get gorgeous lips with our colorful range of luxurious lipsticks. The lanolin-free formula contains a special blend of natural oils and vitamins. Stays fresh-looking for hours.

Available August 1, 2012
  • Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad ($43.00, .14oz) Moulin Rouge (Can-Can, Revue, Cabarets, Red Light)
  • Incredible Wear Gel Liner ($21.00, .10oz) Sienna
  • Fine Liner Brush ($23.00)
  • Lip Liner Pencil ($14.00, .04oz) Au Naturel
  • Lipstick ($19.00, .14oz) Blushing Nude

Monday, July 09, 2012

ELF Exact Lash vs. Clinique Bottom Lash

For months now I have been wanting to do this blog post, a comparison between ELF's Exact Lash Mascara and Clinique's Bottom Lash Mascara. I'll begin with a little user-background. I have been using Clinique's Bottom Lash mascara since April of 2011, this is my second tube now and I will most likely repurchase this in the future. I have been using ELF's Exact Lash mascara since Summer 2011, this is my first tube but I will repurchase this soon.

Studio Exact Lash Mascara / $3.00
Achieve thicker, fuller and longer looking lashes that are beautiful and evenly coated. The smaller brush design provides precision application exactly where you want it, so you can coat each and every lash. Great for creating winged lashes and to get target definition for lower lashes. The small mascara wand is specifically designed to be used for the bottom lashes or to target corner individual lashes for precise mascara application.
Directions: Apply to bottom eyelashes from root to tip, working in a zig-zag motion to fully coat the lashes. Use to also create target definition for both the upper corner and lower lash line. Reapply if desired.

Bottom Lash Mascara / $10.00
Now bottom lashes get in on the action with a brush engineered for tiny tasks and a formula that resists smears. Pair it with any mascara on top, and watch what happens. A full 90-day supply.
How To Use: Stroke on bottom lashes from root to tip. For extremely tiny bottom lashes, hold brush tip vertically and wiggle through individual lashes for precise application. Bottom Lash Mascara is formulated to be removed with warm water. Simply splash warm water (bath temperature is ideal) onto lashes, press gently, and mascara removes with ease.


I prefer the Clinique for longer lashes and during the hotter months because it doesn't smudge. I don't really like the wetter formula, but it's not something that would prevent me from repurchasing it.
I prefer the ELF for an every day lower lash mascara, it's easier and cleaner that using a full size mascara, during cooler months it doesn't smudge on me. I can also build it up a lot to add more volume.