Beauty By Krystal: August 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Youngblood Incredible Wear Gel Liner - Midnight Sea

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I'm not a huge gel liner girl, I only own two ELF gel liners in Black and Midnight (which I've owned for about a year are not dried out), so when I started using the Youngblood Incredible Wear Gel Liner in Midnight Sea I quickly noticed a big difference from my usual gel liners. Just from checking out their website, I really like how they notate which liners are vegan friendly, I wish more companies would do this.

The gel liner is really creamy and pigmented, a tiny dip of your brush into the pot goes a long way. For a liner not labelled as waterproof, this is pretty powerful when you try to smudge it up after it dries. Aside from wearing this on my upper lid, I have been really liking it on my bottom waterline. Midnight Sea is dark enough to pull off the sultry look, but it's also blue enough where it makes your eyes look whiter. It's a great shade and I have been really enjoying it. I can't wait for the colder months to arrive, I want to use it as a base for a navy smoky eye :) Incredible Wear Gel Liner (.10 oz/3 g) $21.00
Our intensely colored, long-wearing formula glides on smoothly like a liquid liner with the precision of an eye pencil. Very water-resistant for budge-proof glamour!
Application: With the Luxurious Angle Brush, apply close to the lash line. To remove, use an oil-based eye makeup cleanser. NOTE: Torque the cap on tightly after each use to avoid the formula from evaporating.
Cream Shades: Eclipse, Midnight Sea, Espresson
Shimmer Shades: Sienna, Galazy, Black Orchid

Youngblood Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad - Mermaid

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I first fell in love with Youngblood eye shadows with their Starlet quad, and now Mermaid has become a top favorite of my collection as well. If you are familiar with my blog, then you won't be surprised to hear that I L.O.V.E. blue eyeshadow! I love it as an accent color, a liner and even on my waterline during a neutral look. I subconsciously find a way to incorporate blues into my makeup with nearly every look I do. Blues remind me of water and watery shades make me feel happy. It took me all Summer to realize this is why I'm gravitating towards blues so often.

Mermaid is a palette with four "shades of sea and sky", Pink Pearl (non-vegan) a baby pink almost lavender shimmer with a blue/green duo chrome, Abalone (non-vegan) a blue shimmer with baby blue iridescence, Ocean Mist a watery blue shimmer, and Sea Glass a teal or "Robin's egg" blue shimmer. My favorite is Sea Glass, I think it is the most pigmented, it's beautiful used as a liner too ;) Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad (.14 oz/4 g) $43.00
Use your eye-magination! Four complementary shades come in a sleek, mirrored compact for limitless looks. The formula sweeps on like silk and wears for hours. Each compact includes matte, pearl and shimmery finishes that blend together easily. (.14 oz/4 g)
Application: With the Eyeshadow Brush, apply to lids. Use dry for a soft look, or wet for a dramatic effect.

Youngblood Lipstick in Tangelo

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I have been obsessed with my Youngblood lipsticks, and for summer I've worn the shade Tangelo EVERY DAY since it arrived! Insane, I know. I have been wearing it in so many different ways too; full on coral orange applied directly from the tube, light orange tint applied with my finger, and ombre lips with either a nude (mostly used with Youngblood Blushing Nude) or bright shades like pink, red, and even fuchsia. I especially love topping Tangelo with the Youngblood Might Shiny Lip Gels in Revealed and Confessed for a super juicy, high shine.

The texture of Tangelo is so hydrating and smooth that I can wear it on its own without having to prep my lips with a primer, balm or chapstick. I can get about 2 hours of full coverage, then it begins to fade away after eating and drinking. Once it begins to fade it turns into a beautiful, and still hydrated, lip stain which lasts all day and night. It's amazing! My favorite lipsticks in my collection are always the ones that fade to a stain. Sometimes I don't want to take my lipstick out with me during the day so if it can stain my lips I'll just bring a pot of lip balm and just reapply some hydration but not even worry about the color. Lipstick (.14 oz/4 g) $19.00
Get gorgeous lips with our colorful range of luxurious lipsticks. The lanolin-free formula contains a special blend of natural oils and vitamins. Stays fresh-looking for hours.
Application: Apply from outer corners of lips, moving towards center, with the Luxurious Retractable Lip Brush.

Youngblood Pressed Mineral Rice Setting Powder (medium)

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I'm usually not picky about setting powders, I either grab for powder foundations (pressed or loose) or my ELF HD powder. Ever since I received the Youngblood Pressed Mineral Rice Setting Powder, I've been preferring it over all my other powders. I even removed my Ahava Compact Powder from my purse and replaced it with the Youngblood Rice powder - that's a huge statement. Let's begin...

The packaging - sleek and gorgeous! I love products that are all black. There's a full mirror inside, a sponge (which I haven't used yet) and the plastic sheet to protect the powder and keep it all clean. The compact has a sturdy closure, and if your toddler gets a hold of it and drops it on accident, it doesn't shatter! WIN! The quality - amazingness! I love it! The powder applies evenly, smooth, clean (meaning no excessive dusting), can be swiped on or pressed into the skin. It lasts all day, it combats my oils so I'm not shiny, it has never looked cakey on me and it camouflages my larger pores giving me the flawless look. I have the shade medium, and when I go for a makeup-less day I can still get an even skin tone with this powder.

My favorite part about this powder, it leaves an even, matte finish without ever making my skin look dry. I never experience dry patches, flaking, splotchy coverage or tightness. This powder feels like it was made for me; it fits my weird, complicated, combination skin to a T and it is more affordable than the MAC powders I have in my collection. Overall, I'm over the moon and I couldn't recommend it more :) Pressed Mineral Rice Setting Powder (.35 oz/10 g) $24.00
The pressed version of our exquisitely silky Mineral Rice Setting Powder, offered in a convenient compact for on-the-go use. Controls shine and helps diminish the appearance of pores and fine lines to create a flawless, long-lasting matte finish. 100% talc free.
Application: Apply over face with the Super Powder Brush before loose foundation to prime skin, or after liquid foundation to set makeup with a smooth, matte finish. To reduce the appearance of large pores, apply with a Flocked Sponge in a press-and-roll motion.
Shades: Light, Medium, Dark

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Youngblood Ultimate Concealer (medium)

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The Youngblood Ultimate Concealer is indeed "ultimate". It is lightweight, yet very emollient which makes it easy to blend into the skin and it still packs a lot of coverage. This concealer seems to melt into your skin like a foundation does, unlike most concealers that tend to stay topical and need a lot of setting in order for them to "stay put". I can wear this over blemishes, under eyes and even as a highlight, as the shade Medium is lighter than my skin tone but I can still blend the shade out to a sheerer tone which camouflages into my skin seamlessly.

I'm usually very sparing with my concealers, none of them have the brightening effect that the Ultimate Concealer does. My favorite use for this concealer is to brighten up the entire under eye area. Having two young children, I pretty much only function on caffeine and my eyes are beginning to tell that secret, so the concealer is like magic, bringing my skin back to life! Ultimate Concealer (.10 oz/2.8 g) $30.00
Take dark circles, discoloration and blemishes under cover with this light-reflecting concealing cream. The emollient formula won't settle into fine lines, while vitamins soothe and brighten the delicate eye area.
Application: With the Concealer Brush, apply to inner corners of eyes, lids and along lower lash line. For deeper discolorations, use a Flocked Sponge to dab the concealer on the dark area then dust with Mineral Rice Setting Powder. Can be used before or after foundation.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Unii Palette (plus Urban Decay Book Of Shadows IV depotting)

About a month ago, I received a Unii palette to review. I was so excited to try this out since it's one of the All Stars of the YouTube beauty community. Then I started looking at my makeup collection, what makeup was I willing to destroy to depot the makeup pans and transfer them into my empty Unii palette? Not my MAC shadows, I love seeing their individual little pots. Definitely not my ELF palettes, they're always travel friendly. So, for a month, Unii sat and waited.

Moving on to my destruction project performed yesterday. As I was tidying up my "work" area, I kept moving my Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV around like it was junk and constantly in my way. I had won this palette early in the year from Beautylish, and even though I was super excited, it sat, unopened, untouched and forgotten up until yesterday. If I never use this palette because of its over sized, unnecessarily bulky packaging then it is the perfect victim for a depotting project to fill my Unii palette!

There was no dainty way of depotting this palette, I pretty much just tore it up, all while being gentle so as not to disturb the eyeshadow pans. The pans are very flexible, so I used a mini crow bar to lift the pans from the glue and cardboard they were attached too. This was the most time consuming, lifting at all the edges and sides, slowly. If you are too aggressive you can end up bending the pans and cracking the shadows. I must say though, this was a very sturdy palette! Took me about an hour to rip it all up and get the shadows out.

I also took some time to grab my sticky labels, measure them to the eyeshadow pans, label all the shadows and then placed them into my Unii palette (in alphabetical order). The Unii palette has a magnetized base so the metal pans sat in there securely, but if your pans are not metal the Unii palette comes with a magnetic sheet the same size of the interior of the palette so you can measure and cut out your own sticky magnets for your makeup.

Overall I LOVE my Unii palette and I love how easy it is to access these beautiful Urban Decay eyeshadows now! These palettes are one size but come in six different shades; honeysuckle, turquoise, pear, lavender, crystal and midnight. The palettes are $29 each, 2+ palettes ship free on their website (within the US), and if you buy 3 they are $27 each, buy 4 or more and get them at $25 each!
Approx. $30 on

Saturday, August 11, 2012

NEW Fall/Winter Butter London exclusive shades

Butter London has released some special Fall/Winter shades exclusive to Ulta, Macy's, Dillard's, Nordstrom, "online retailers" and of course on Most of these are labelled as "US Only" on their website and they have a release date of mid-July, while the Ulta exclusive shades release in August. Majority of these shades will be available through January 2013, some through December 2012. Below you'll find the shade names and their definitions, where you can find these shades and my review on each polish as well as daylight swatches.

Brummie Nail Lacquer $14.00
Colour Description: bright, purple-violet creme
Definition: a colloquial term for the people, accent and dialect of Birmingham, England.
Availability: launching in mid-July, exclusive to Macy's and through mid-January 2013

Brummie applies smooth and even, formula is on the thicker side so in between coats and left and right hand application, close the bottle and remix so the formula doesn't get too thick and stringy. The color is rich and very bright for such a delicate shade of purple. It reminds me of China Glaze Spontaneous, so I'll have to do a color compare soon. The finish is a semi-matte or a rubbery-like effect, it dries incredibly fast and is very pigmented. The photos shown are of two coats of Brummie and a couple photos of before and after using a top coat to get a shine finish.

Cake-Hole Nail Lacquer $14.00
Colour Description: bright, hot pink creme
Definition: 1960s Brit slang for one's mouth. It's now mostly used as a juvenile colloquialism, e.g. "Shut your cake-hole or I'm telling Mum!"
Availability: launching in mid-July, exclusive to Macy's and through mid-January 2013

Cake-Hole applies smooth and even, formula is on the thicker side but not as thick and quick drying as Brummie. The color is bright, intense and very pigmented. I have similar bright pink shades, but this one is still unique as it is more of a darker, neon pink than a standard hot pink. The formula dries to a semi-matte or a rubbery-like effect. Photos shown are of two coats of Cake-Hole and a couple photos of before and after using a top coat.

Scouse Nail Lacquer $14.00
Colour Description: sheer, royal blue and indigo duo-chrome with pink, purple and blue micro glitter
Definition: Brit slang referring to a person from Liverpool.
Availability: launching in mid-July, exclusive to Dillard's and through early January 2013

Scouse applies sheer and a bit uneven, the formula is very thin and on the watery side so I had to do about 3-4 coats to get a more opaque look. The formula is kind of sensitive so you need to be light handed when doing brush strokes so yyou can decrease the occurance of streaks and blad spots. This shade is AMAZING! The duo chrome will show up when used on its own, but it looks even more magical when you use it as a topper on other shades. I used Scouse as a topper on Brummie and Sprog. Depending on what shade you use as a base, the duo chrome will look different.

Sloane Ranger Nail Lacquer $14.00
Colour Description: olive, khaki creme infused with silver shimmer
Definition: a term used to describe yuppies from South West London, near Sloane Square in Chelsea. Also known as "Sloanies".
Availability: launching mid-July, exclusive to Butter London's online retailers and through early January 2013

Sloane Ranger applies like butter, it's smooth, even, nearly opaque in one coat (two coats shown in the photos though) and the formula has a pleasant thickness where it's thin enough to paint on easily but also thick enough that a loaded brush won't spill into your cuticles - this is my favorite type of polish consistency. The shade is a murky green/grey, and it instantly reminded me of an old rabbit haired sweater I had when I was a tiny kid. This shade is perfect for Fall and has me wanting to buy cold weather clothes while it's 80+ degrees outside.

Sprog Nail Lacquer $14.00
Colour Description: bright, ultra-pigmented periwinkle creme
Definition: an affectionate term for a child or baby.
Availability: launching in August, exclusive to Ulta and

Sprog applies smooth and even, the formula is pretty standard but for some reason it thickens up quickly and I had to remix the bottle after applying my first coat. I should have waited for the first coat to completely dry because I ended up moving the polish on my nail in a very lumpy and unflattering way. The two coats eventually settled and you cannot see the lumps that used to be there. The shade is incredibly cutesy, and it really reminds me of Essence A Lovely Secret, so I'll have to do a color compare soon. This is one of those bright yet soft and feminine shades, I am really adoring it!

Swinger Nail Lacquer $14.00
Colour Description: vibrant, grass green glitter
Definition: a person who is intimate with two or more people simultaneously, hence the term 'the swinging 60s!'
Availability: launching in mid-July, exclusive to Butter London's online retailers and through early December 2012

Swinger applies pretty thick and I experienced a lot of dragging, even when applying the first coat (photos shown are of two coats). It looks to be a sheer yellow/green base with true green micro and small sized glitters. One coat is very cluttered, so you can easly wear this alone if desired.

Teetotal Nail Lacquer $14.00
Colour Description: rich, mocha brown creme
Definition: a person who practices compete abstinence from alcohol. The perfect designated driver!
Availability: launching in August, exclusive to Ulta and

Teetotal applies smooth and even, the formula is on the thinner side so it definitely needed two coats. The shade is a cool, "wet mud" brown. Sounds kind of gross, but I love it! It reminds me of rain and muddy puddles, perfect for Fall and Winter. It looks similar to my ELF Smoky Brown, but I think Teetotal might be lighter, I'll be doing a color compare soon.

Shades exclusive to Ulta: Teetotal, Sprog
Shades exclusive to Macy's: Cake-Hole, Squatter, Brummie
Shades exclusive to Dillard's: Scouse
Shades exclusive to Nordstrom: Billy No Mates, Stag Do, Two Fingered Salute