Beauty By Krystal: November 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Barielle New York Style (Fall/Winter 2012)

This year Barielle released some new shades for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection, five of them are in the New York Style set - which can be purchased for $25.00 on their website (about $5 per bottle) - or individually at $8 per bottle. Other than their website, I have seen them pop up in Ross stores, but I'm not sure where you can buy them in person. This collection seemed a little odd to me at first, and then I tried them all on - ohwee they really got me in the festive mood this season! All the polishes are creamy, pigmented and just need two coats for a full opaque finish (2 coats used for the following photos).

Big Apple Red | creamy deep red | amazing formula, I remember thinking to myself it applied like a bright red lipstick, perfectly pigmented and super sexy - my favorite of the set

Central Park | creamy frosted green | great formula, surprisingly it's more wearable than you'd think from looking at the bottle. It's got Christmas written all over it for me :)

Soho At Night | creamy grape purple | dreamy, this is my second favorite of the set! I love purples, especially deeper tones

Fifth Ave Boutique | creamy coral with orange tone | oh, this is a bright one, I almost thought it was odd to have in a Fall/Winter collection, but I automatically envisioned lacing this with Star Child (a silvery-glitzy-glitter polish) for a fun Holiday party mani!

Greenwich Village At Dawn | creamy dusty pink | great formula, I only wish the pretty blue shimmer was more visible on the nails, you need a really sunny day to see it

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Tatcha Sampler Set

Back in April I reviewed the Tatcha Aburatorigami Beauty Papers and as a thank you gift, Vicky at Tatcha sent me their Sampler Set to try out - I was so touched that she sent this. After finishing up some other skincare products that were in line first, I finally get to try these samples now! I started using them on Thanksgiving morning, we're now on day 4 and my skin is soft, supple, hydrated, clean and most impressive, my pores are cleared of "grime". After my first use of the cleanser, enzyme powder, serum and cream I was so surprised to see my pores open and clean - it's not a sight I particularly like (porous textures make me squirm) but to see my skin so youthful and feeling invigorated was an experience I want to relive over and over. Although these are just sample sizes, you don't need a lot of product to get the effect. I am completely in love with the Tatcha skincare products, specifically the enzyme powder - it's incredible and unlike anything I've ever tried before. If I ever can afford to splurge, I'll be buying Tatcha!!

The Tatcha Sampler Set
regular price $126.00 | special price $49.00
Brilliantly effective and deceptively simple daily ritual, available in rituals tailored for dry, combination and active skin.

set includes:
- PURE Camellia One Step Cleansing Oil - 30ml | 1oz
- POLISHED Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder - 3 x 1g packets
- POLISHED Classic Rice Enzyme Powder - 3 x 1g packets
- POLISHED Deep Rice Enzyme Powder - 3 x 1g packets
- RADIANT Deep Brightening Serum - 10ml | 0.3oz
- SUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream - 15ml | 0.5oz
+ PETAL FRESH Original Japanese Beauty Papers - 1 full sized pack | 30 sheets

The Rice Enzyme powders are well worth their $65 price tags. I add a few drops of water to the powder in my palm and as it starts to fizz a bit, I apply it to my skin, gently massaging it in - best part, it is so kind to my ultra sensitive skin, no irritation or burning. After a minute of massaging, I rinse off with warm water and enjoy the glow of new skin. I think I prefer the Gentle version, but I do like all three - Deep is definitely stronger but again, very easy on the skin.

The cleansing oil, serum and cream feel luxurious, smell delightfully fresh and they truly aid in keeping my skin soft. As I'm more impressed with the Enzyme powders, I love the cleansing oil as well! It is so smooth and silky on the skin, and after rinsing my skin doesn't feel tight or drying up instantly like most facial cleaners treat my face.

Monday, November 19, 2012

ELF Fairy Dust

So, a few months ago ELF discontinued my favorite glitter polish of all time, Twinkle, and replaced it with a super fun flaky polish named Fairy Dust. I have been waiting so long to share this post because once I bought a bottle, it was out of stock forrrevvverrr... now it's available in their glitter polish section. This polish shifts from yellow/green to orange/red - it is absolutely amazing! I love to wear it on top of dark shades, really gives that opalescent glow!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Youngblood Crushed Mineral Blushes - Sherbet, Tulip

Youngblood's pink blush special from October may be over, but their Crushed Mineral Blushes are still a must-try if you are a blush-aholic and/or a mineral fan. I am not to familiar with loose mineral blushes, I always figured they were very dusty and messy, but actually they have a lot of body to them and are no where as messy as I thought. I actually tap a tiny bit in the lid and use a fluffy blush brush to apply and blend. These are great shades, very easy to build up color and even mix together to make custom shades.

Sherbet "gold-laced pink-peach" is quite pigmented and gives a very feminine, pretty flush to the skin tone.

Tulip "sheer baby doll pink" is a very light shade with a gorgeous luminous effect.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

ELF Mineral Revitalizing Mist

The ELF Mineral Revitalizing Mist says "Replenish and revitalize skin with Witch Hazel, Rosemary, Chamomile, Honeysuckle, Aloe and Vitamin B." I bought this thinking it would be similar to the MAC Fix+, which is running low and will need to be repurchased soon... unless this Mineral Mist can replace it. I have been using this mist just like I would use the MAC Fix+; I spritz my face after skincare and before makeup application, I spray a light mist on my face after makeup is finished and powdered, and I use it on no-makeup days to re-hydrate my skin throughout the day.

So far, this mist is pretty impressive! It does hydrate my skin, it helps keep my makeup fresh looking and I can reapply the mist if needed without it disturbing my makeup. It has an odd scent at first, but after a few regular uses I like the scent and actually find it pretty relaxing. My favorite aspects of the ELF Mineral Mist, aside from the affordable price, the ingredients are packed full of skin re-energizers, mainly properties that my skin loves and reacts very positively too. Because of these ingredients, I have been using this Mineral Mist as a finish to my skincare routine and makeup routine. The only aspect I dislike it the very slight tacky feel it leaves for the first minute or so. Unlike the MAC Fix+ that my skin drinks up quickly, the ELF Mineral Revitalizing Mist sits for a bit before fully soaking in. I'm ok with it, but the feel was off-putting in the beginning, but nothing to terminate use over.