Beauty By Krystal: December 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kohl's Candie's Nail Polish - La-La-Li-Lac & White Noise

The weekend before Christmas I was doing some last minute gift shopping and I decided to stop by Kohl's department store to check out their Candie's nail polishes. I first heard about these on Instagram and I thought it would be fun to buy a couple to try out. These retail at $8.00 each (.34 oz), but I was lucky to buy them on sale for $5.60 each! I picked up La-La-Li-Lac, a soft lilac creme, and White Noise, a clear based holographic bar glitter polish with mini round holographic glitters mixed in there for a glitzy background to the bars. These are both unique shades to my collection, so I was really excited to get these home to my polish family.

The bottles may be obnoxiously clunky and large for most people, but I love how big the tops are. I have long fingers and usually smaller bottle are harder for me to work with comfortably, my double jointed knuckled always end up locking so I have to hold the smaller tops with my finger tips and lose some of my steadiness. The large tops are a perfect fit for me, plus the flat edges provide a good grip. The brush is squared and easy to fan out against the nail. Overall, I love the quality, the design and the shades I purchased (which is why I jumped online and bought many more! lol!) The Candie's polishes come in Glitter, Smooth (creme) and Metallic.

La-La-Li-Lac | Candie's Smooth Nail Polish | "This creamy formula adds the perfect dose of sugar to any outfit."

White Noise (on top of La-La-Li-Lac) | Candie's Glitter Nail Polish | "Flecks of glitter add sparkle and shimmer to your nails, giving your overall ensemble standout appeal."

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mrs. P's Nail Potions - Follow The Rainbow

I've been following Mrs. P's Nail Potions on InstaGram (username: @mrs__p) for a while now, and when she mentioned having just one bottle of Follow The Rainbow left in her last batch, I jumped on that baby super fast! It's a mini holographic glitter polish with matte rainbow hexes. LOVE! I've been using this delicate topper on so many different color bases, I haven't photographed any of the combos because I have been changing my polishes at night and by day time the kids just have me too busy to take advantage of the natural light to snap some photos. My favorite is wearing it on its own, just one coat - I love how glittery it is alone and the random rainbow bits are just so pretty when they catch you eye.

You can find Mrs. P's Nail Potions in her Etsy shop

Monday, December 17, 2012

NEW Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Collection

Maybelline just launched five new shades to their permanent line with the Color Tattoo Metal collection, these cream gel shadows can be found in separate displays from their regular section in drugstores and mass retailers like Walmart and Target. Friday night I spotted a tall display in my local Walmart and on Sunday I did a little shopping at CVS and found a small display AND a yellow tag saying they were on sale, buy one get one half off! I think these are in their permanent line because their numbers are in sequence with their regular line and they didn't have the limited edition packaging like their Fall shades did.

These Metal Color Tattoos are creamy to touch, smooth to blend and dry to a soft powder finish. These are not glittery or chunky, they are purely packed with metallic shimmer and have an amazing shine to them. I was worried the Metal shadows would migrate and crease, but they hold true to the Color Tattoo long lasting formula. The five new shades are Inked in Pink, Silver Strike, Gold Rush, Barely Branded, Electric Blue.

The following swatches were done with a couple swirls in the pot and two swipes on the hand, just to show how pigmented the formulas are - they won't look this intense on the eyes once blended in FYI :)

(all blended swatches below were done in the same manner as how I would wear them on my eyes; using my fingertip, I apply the cream shadow to the lid and gently blend it out to resemble a sheer wash of color, I apply another layer on top in a patting motion to get a more opaque coverage, finish off by blending the edges for a soft transition)

Inked in Pink | #55 | a blush pink with a very light shimmer metallic finish, it is not as popping as some of these other Metal Color Tattoos, but it is still very much metallic. I wasn't particularly impressed with this shade in the pot, but once I started using it my love began to grow. It looks so pretty when worn on its own, it's a darker toned pink that doesn't make you look sickly or tired, it might be the hint of shimmer that catches the light.

Silver Strike | #60 | a pure silver metallic shadow, it looks like they crushed nickel into a Color Tattoo pot. It is bold, shiny, smooth to blend and  it does not separate as one would assume - it is actually pretty opaque for a metal eye shadow. This seems like a great base color for a glittery eye look!

Gold Rush | #65 | a pure gold metallic shadow, I mentioned on my Instagram that it reminded me of a goldmine - it's the most gold shadow I own. Gold Rush is less opaque than Silver Strike, it separates a bit when blending, so I would suggest a couple layers of the patting application for a fuller coverage.

Barely Branded | #70 | a delicate champagne shade with a tiny pink lean, it's a lovely "everyday" shadow - I was thinking it would be similar to the Barely Beige from their Fall collection. I don't own Barely Beige so I can't compare them to a science, but once I find a good comparison online, I'll link it HERE.

Electric Blue | #75 | a sultry navy shimmer on a charcoal base, it doesn't swatch or wear as metallic as the other shades, but the shimmer is still eye popping. I'm obsessed with all things blue in the makeup world, so this shadow was the first to grab my eye. I love that they added a dark tone to the Metal collection.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Barielle Carnival Fiesta (Winter 2012)

Barielle recently released (mid-Nov) their Winter collection, Carnival Fiesta, which consists of five gorgeous, fun and shimmering shades. You can now get this set on their website for $25.00 ($5 per bottle) - or individually at $8 per bottle (they usually have a deal where you buy one shade and get another 50% off). Like I mentioned before, other than their website, I have seen them in Ross stores, but I'm not sure where you can buy them in person. These shades are incredibly fun to wear, I'm actually playing around with some nail art designs using this set exclusively. These shades are perfect for the holiday time, they definitely have me in the festive spirit ;)

Wanna Samba? | metallic purple gray | amazingness! I think this is my favorite shade of the set, it reminds me of abalone aka Mother of Pearl and I LOVE it to pieces!!

Lindsay’s Dancin | metallic red | no exaggeration, this shade can easily be worn in one coat, the photos are using two coats to keep the continuity of this review, but it's so bright and purely colored that you can literally apply and go in minutes! The shade reminds me of ribbon candy, mmm! :d (delicious emoticon)

Jillian’s Jammin | metallic deep turquoise | this is a magical shade, the photos look blurry but the super fine bits are so shimmery that my camera didn't know where to focus and just gave up, haha! This shade has an aquatic mermaid-y vibe and it's spectacular!

Holiday Madness | metallic olive green | personally, this is my least favorite shade, although I love olive greens, the yellowed tone makes my skin look pale. BUT this shade is super fun in nail art! ohmygosh, if you are creating vines or leaves - gorgeous! :D

Rio’s Rockin Bands | metallic magenta | this is a fun shade, but the formula was a tad bit annoying to apply, I had to work a bit to straighten my brush strokes because they show up quite a bit. The shade is really pretty and fun though! I love these type of shades on my hands! :)

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Barielle Runway Fever (Fall/Winter 2012)

This year Barielle released some new shades for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection, five of them are in the Runway Fever set - which can be purchased for $25.00 on their website (about $5 per bottle) - or individually at $8 per bottle. Other than their website, I have seen them pop up in Ross stores, but I'm not sure where you can buy them in person. I was so excited to try out this set, I thought all the shades looked perfect for foggy, crisp days this season. All the shades applied beautifully, most are cream finishes with one being a frost (2 coats used for the following photos).

Erica's Pencil Skirt | creamy deep wine color | a true wine shade, so luxe and a dream to apply, my top pick of this set! It's much brighter in the sunlight, but at night it looks so delicious

Alli's Lace Cover Up | muted dusty pink | I assumed I wasn't going to like this shade, but it's far prettier on the nails than in the bottle, a pleasant surprise

One Shade Of Gray | dark gray with purple | a nice cool gray, very fitting for this season's weather

Rusted Vintage Boots | creamy rust | the name suits the shade very well, these remind me of a pair of riding boots I saw at DSW a couple years ago

Jordana's Skinny Jean | frosted sapphire blue | this shade is fantastic! When I was applying it I kept thinking I saw a red or fuchsia shimmer, but I couldn't see any in the bottle or on my nails - I thought I was a little crazy, haha. And then I removed the polish and the cotton had a pinky-fuchsia tint - AHA! I knew it was in there somewhere :)