Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Flower Beauty Nail'd It, Lip Services, Shine On

After reviewing my first batch of Flower Beauty products last month, I went and bought more products to try, this time I had a lot more to choose from, but unfortunately my Walmart's display did not have any eye makeup (I've checked recently and they still don't) so I just picked up some different shades of the polishes and lip butter and I decided to try the lip gloss (even though I don't really like glosses, lol). So far, I LOVE the items I bought, especially the lipgloss, it's non-sticky and it is decently pigmented. I'm planning on hunting down some eye makeup and face makeup products because I REALLY want to try them already! Feel free to leave me your recommendations :)

Here's what I bought:
Nail'd It Nail Lacquer - Precious Poppy | $4.98
Nail'd It Nail Lacquer - Good Bud-Dy | $4.98
Lip Service Lip Butter - Rose-y Future | $6.98
Shine On Lip Gloss - Hibis-Kiss | $6.98