Beauty By Krystal: A Day at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy (Oakland, CA)

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Day at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy (Oakland, CA)

Last year I visited my first Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy in San Francisco, and have been a fan of Pharmaca ever since (they do great deals online too!). Well, last weekend I had the opportunity to visit their Oakland location to learn about their Beauty Bar and services. Pharmaca is your one-stop-shop for healthy living products from household cleaners to cosmetics to supplements, and of course their in-store pharmacy. They specialize in featuring brands that use natural and organic ingredients, as well as vegan-friendly products.

With a professional and licensed staff, you can comfortably ask all the questions you have and know that you'll be getting the best advice and guidance in nutrition, supplements, skincare, makeup, and so much more. For example, I have been buying different brands of multi-vitamins for my family, and I have noticed some of the more affordable brands make us feel "blah" while the more natural and pricier vitamins make us feel healthier and energetic. I learned that our bodies react in a positive way to these vitamins that use whole food ingredients, compared to vitamins using synthetic ingredients. Makes sense to me; we've stopped eating processed foods and feel a million times better when we eat fresh food.

The Beauty Bar in Pharmaca is a glorious place for beauty enthusiasts young and mature. They offer testers for nearly all the makeup and skincare products (and if you're really indecisive, you might get some samples to take home and try before buying). The Beauty Bar also offers in-store services such as facial waxing and beauty makeovers, plus skincare and color matching consultations. These services are very affordable, pricing from $10 - $30, and performed by the Pharmaca staff of licensed estheticians. Even if you want a makeover for a special occasion or event, you can call in to make an appointment ahead of time for your special day. With natural beauty brands such as Jane Iredale, Zuzu Luxe, Dr. Hauschka, Juice Beauty and more, you know you'll be wearing high quality cosmetics while treating your skin with safe and beneficial ingredients. The Pharmaca Beauty Bars are currently located in the following CA stores Oakland, Novato, Menlo Park, LA Brentwood, Pacific Palisades; as well as Portland, OR. Every Beauty Bar offers loyalty rewards like a free mini makeover when you spend $100 on cosmetics or facial care products, and a free brow shaping after you've received five previous brow services.

Here's a photo sharing what I purchased that day. Weleda Baby On-The-Go, travel size lotions, creams, oil and wash highlighted with Calendula, which calms and soothes the skin. I bought this for my son, Jamison, who is very rash-prone and tends to feel uncomfortable. Babo Botanicals Smoothing Detangling Spray, I bought this for my daughter, Madilyn, because she has wavy/curly hair that tangles and knots up very easily. This spray is safe to use on damp or dry hair, perfect for after nap time. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, I bought this because I have had it on my wishlist for a very long time and after reading rave reviews, seeing it featured in numerous magazines, and after testing it out in the store, I finally decided I need to try this for myself! (review coming soon). Lastly, I bought a bottle of Pharmaca Evening Primrose Oil, omega-6 essential fatty acids. After a long discussion about my skepticism that my birth control is drying out my skin (still, even after changing to a lesser prescription), I was advised to try Evening Primrose Oil to assist in balancing my skin. We'll see how it works out, hopefully it does because I'm nearing the point where I want to quit The Pill due to dry skin insanity.