Sunday, March 01, 2015

Zoya Remove+ Haul!

Yes, you read that correctly, a haul of Zoya Remove+, my favorite nail polish remover! It smells nice and it is not as drying on the skin and nails as other brands I've tried. I recently finished off the big jug I bought last year, so I repurchased it and the big flipper bottle, plus I got a mini one for free. Sadly, the big jug leaked all over the package so it's not as full as it should be - I emailed Zoya about it, I'm kinda upset over it because it's not cheap stuff.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sephora Haul

I have been addicted to the Perfect Formula Gel Coat, I really need to work on an official review because I firmly believe we all need to be using it! When I saw that Sephora had a mini Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat as a 100 point perk, the one I've been meaning to buy (waiting for the Dior Nail Glow to finish up), I knew I needed to make an order ASAP! So I bought the Manicure Booster too, a primer and sealer for the nails, so far I'm loving it just as I expected to.

I also used a promo code to score this little Caudalie duo, eye cream & elixir.

I decided it's time to try the cult favorite Shiseido Facial Cotton that I've been hearing amazing reviews on. I was using cheapy cotton pads from Ulta, but they always break down and leave fibers on my lashes and in my eyes, and they feel a little scratchy. So far, the Shiseido cotton pads are so soft and luxurious, so worth it!

I finally got around to buying the L'Occitane Supple Skin Oil, every time I see it in videos and blogs, I want it - well, now it's mine and I can't wait to use it!! :) I will admit, I wasn't expecting it to be in a glass bottle, so I'm a little nervous to use it, I have clumsy tendencies and I would be crushed if I dropped it.

Lastly, I spent more of my points for the Sephora canvas tote, I am so glad it is sturdy and a bag that I can easily fold up and shop with. Plus, it is super cute!!

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Lavanila - Haul & Review

Back in December I bought a double pack of mini Lavanila deodorants from Sephora, and ever since I have fallen in love with this natural formula. I recently bought a full size 3-pack from the Lavanila website, for the crazy price of $40! Yes, I really did splurge on deodorants! Why? Not only is the formula natural and safe - a big deal for my sensitive skin - but the formula doesn't build up like other natural brands do. With other brands, my biggest gripe was the cleanup, those formulas stick like glue and I would be spending so much time in the shower using bar soaps, body scrubs, body oils to fix my irritated skin... it was just too much work to remove them. Lavanila, though, easy peasy to wash off the skin, I've had no breakouts, no rashes, no negative reactions. And the scents, oh my gosh, the scent of the pure vanilla was intoxicating, I love it! This time I bought the Coconut Vanilla scent, it is just as amazing, with a hint of coconut.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Essence Aquatix Shimmer Pearls - Review & Swatch

Holy Highlighter! If you are a fellow highlighter fanatic like me, you must track down this Essence Aquatix Shimmer Pearls pot! I'm not sure if this collection is still around or where it is available, I have my PNW cousin send me all the awesome Essence products from those special displays they come out with every so often. I have been LOVING this highlighter!! I can wear it sheer as a pop of glisten on the cheekbones, or heavy handed for a full on ethereal look - which I have no problem with because you only live once ;)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Makeup Brushes of Walmart!

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox with product provided by Paris Presents. All opinions are my own. #BeautifulYouWM

Walmart has become my favorite place to shop for some affordable and quality makeup brushes, with featured brand names like EcoToolsReal Techniques, and Essential Tools. I've slowly been growing my Real Techniques collection, and the new Sculpting Brush was definitely on my radar. As well as the new gorgeous blue ferule brushes from EcoTools' Complexion Collection. New to me though, the Essential Tools line looks fantastic for makeup beginners, with easy to select brush sets and labeled handles.

p.s. there's a contest at the end of this article ;)

Flawless finish with the Paris Presents makeup brushes from Real Techniques, EcoTools, Essential Tools

Real Techniques by Sam & Nic Chapman, Sculpting Brush ($9.98)
This brush is ahmazing! It is a wide, angled, dense brush - perfection for buffing in liquid and cream products to get a flawless second-skin finish. I used this for my high coverage concealer and medium coverage liquid foundation, effortless and quick. Whether I applied in a stippling manner, small swirls or cross-hatching, the finish was always streak-free and well blended. I highly recommend picking it up on your next Walmart trip!

EcoTools Complexion Collection, Mattifying Finish Brush ($8.98)
This brush is very unique to my extensive makeup brush collection, it is slightly pinched to give it a paddle-esque shape, which makes it more efficient to get around the nose, along the jawline, etc. The brush is a duo-fiber style, so there are more flexible bristles at the end of the brush. I used this to apply my loose setting powder, it worked great to apply and blend without disrupting my foundation and concealer underneath. I'm very interested to try more from this line.

Essential Tools Step 2 Eyes, 3 Piece Everyday Eye Set ($5.98)
These eye brushes are so soft and so handy to use. The handles have a pinched/flattened shape so they are very ergonomic. I used the Large Shadow brush to apply my base eyeshadow color and brow highlight, the Angled Shadow to apply my crease and outer corner eyeshadow color, and the Angled Eyeliner to apply my cream eyeliner. I'm very impressed with this brand, I hadn't heard of them prior to this set, but now I'm interested to try more!

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