Thursday, August 28, 2014

ELF Essential 18 Eyeshadow Palette - Review & Swatches

Every year ELF Cosmetics launches a Beauty School collection of makeup sets, palettes, and gift sets - this year, they added a couple palettes, one of them being the Essential 18 Piece Eyeshadow Palette with Brush for just $8.00! I'm going to say this right off the bat, this palette is a MUST BUY! Heck, buy two of them and gift one, because it is that good! The palette features a variety of matte, satin, shimmer, frost, and a couple with a pinch of sparkle to them (yay for no chunky glitter shades!). All the shades perform amazing without a primer, and while I was doing my arm swatches (which you'll see below), I applied primer to the top half of the swatches and just left my skin bare on the bottom half, in nearly all the swatches you can't even tell the difference! I'm super impressed with this palette, easily the best eyeshadow palette they have produced and the size of the pans are perfect - I hope they do more palettes in the future like this (please no more triangle pans!!).

e.l.f. Essential 18 Piece Eyeshadow Palette with B

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ELF Studio Blending Brush - Review

While I just received the new ELF Cosmetics Studio Blending Brush ($3.00) yesterday, I already know that I LOVE it and I thought I'd share my thoughts and infatuation with you all today. First off, the brush hairs are longer than the Eyeshadow "C" Brush, almost double the length, and less dense. It has a tapered shape and pinched ferule to create a wider-flatter-flexible-fluffy brush.

When I first saw this on the website, I was expecting it to be as full and round as a MAC 217, but it is thinner, more tapered and so much softer. So, when the new ELF Blending Brush arrived, and I got to touch it for the first time, I instantly thought of my beloved Wayne Goss 06 brush (my favorite brush of all time), and it's pretty darn close. They both have a similar shape and size, only difference is the Goss 06 brush is more slender and obviously softer as it is natural hair - the ELF brush is Taklon (synthetic). Pretty much, the Goss 06 and ELF Blending Brush perform the same, apply to the lid the same, and blend the crease the same - with slight differences, I would confidently say the Blending Brush is a close dupe for the Goss 06 brush. I think the Blending Brush is a genius product for ELF to launch, it is quite a unique shape that is versatile and, personally I think, every makeup lover needs it in their beauty tool collection.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Crave Collection - Intro and Before Photos

[pr samples]

This new California based company, The Crave Collection, brings us three life changing products. I was sent two of them for trial and review, the lash and brow conditioners - two types of products I have been searching for this year. In the past, I have only tried two other lash serums, while they conditioned my lashes, I didn't see as much growth or density increase as I had hoped for. I've also been looking for a brow serum to boost growth and thickness in my brows, which I've noticed are getting less dense over the past few years. I'm very excited for this collection, I've already started using them daily (happy to say, I've experienced no irritation at all!). So, in this post I'll share my before photos and I'll be back mid-way through my journey to share progress photos, then finally after a month's use, I'll share the after images and my final reviews.

Hands Free ($90) "Improves the appearance of dark spots on hands within three months. Apply one pump to the back of each hand daily."

Embellash ($100) "This fortifying eyelash conditioner embellishes your lashes for a bold, beautiful look in 4-6 weeks! Apply one swipe onto the lashes of each eye."

Brow Braun ($85) "This fortifying eyebrow conditioner delivers a one-two punch, both softening and enhancing appearance leaving you with Powerhouse Brows in as little as 4 weeks! Brush one swipe across the entire clean, dry brow area.  Brush remaining conditioner into areas of focus."

For the next month I will be testing out the Embellash eyelash conditioner and Brow Braun eyebrow conditioner. I'm content with my current lashes and brows, but bigger is better, so I'm excited to see how these products work out for me. Here are my before photos: