Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Yellow

It's that time again... The Beauty Buffs are back and this week we are talking about all things yellow! This can be a tricky shade to wear, some skin tones look best in pastel yellows, and some can rock the brightest canary without hesitation. Personally, I like all shades of yellow, and I LOVE to do nail art with them. Yellow always has the power to cheer me up and make me feel optimistic. Instead of creating new nail art designs for today's post, I thought it would be fun (and a bit nostalgic) to share a couple of my favorite yellow manicures that I have sported.

First is this bubbly dotticure (dotting tool manicure), where I layered a few different shades of yellow dots on top of each other in a gradient style on top of my bare nail. I also added a coat of ELF Fairy Dust, a clear based polish with opalescent flakies, they shift in color at different angles, absolutely love it!

Next is this fierce yet dainty manicure I did with an accent nail of dotted flowers, which will forever be my favorite nail art when I'm short on time, so quick and so pretty! I guess I have a thing for yellow nail art on bare nails ;)

The Beauty Buffs are a group of beauty and fashion bloggers sharing their interpretation on bi-weekly trends, check out the linkup below to read the rest of our articles posted today.

Week one we covered Pastels, week two we covered Royal Blue.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Color Me Monthly: April - Chiffon

Color Me Monthly's April shade is named Chiffon, "graceful elegance like you are floating on air woven from softness", a pretty pastel lavender creme, easily opaque in two coats. I love that this shade is not chalky looking, it's the most perfect lavender in my collection now. When I applied this the other day, my 2yr old son, Jamison, wanted his finger nail painted too. Now we have matching Easter manis ;)

Color Me Monthly is a nail polish subscription service, $7 per month, free shipping, one shade every month.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream

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I am so thrilled to be doing a rave review on the Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream. Having high maintenance sensitive skin, I can't handle most SPF makeup products, they break me out, increase my oil production, clog my pores, and create a minor skin reaction with red inflamed areas that turn to dry flaky patches for a few days. So, when I started using the Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream, with SPF 20 in it, I was impressed with how comfortable it was to wear. I haven't experienced any negative reactions, at all! In fact, I have been loving it so much that I've been wearing it nearly every day; days when I don't wear any other makeup products and days when I want to do a minimal makeup look.

The Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream, $34.00, is available in three shades, Linen, Natural, and Wheat. I have the shade Natural and although it is just a tint of color, it blends nicely with my skin tone, evening out my natural redness and almost camouflaging any break outs I might be tolerating. It doesn't exactly smell like sunscreen, which is a plus for me, but it does have a fresh and clean scent to it. The formula look and feel is very similar to the infamous Origins Vitazing SPF 15 Energy-boosting moisturizer, ($35.00), both look like a white-grey cream with little specks in it, once you start moving it around and blending into the skin it turns to a tinted moisturizer. The BIG difference for me is that the Origins irritates me skin and it turns me greasy within an hour - the Studio Gear is gentle on my skin and keeps a natural finish on my skin all day.

When I apply one layer of the Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream, I get a sheer/light coverage, this basically evens out my skin tone. This is my ideal tinted moisturizer, I don't feel bare face, nor do I feel made up, just comfortable and confident.

When I apply a generous layer or even two layers, I get a medium coverage that almost plays off like a natural finish foundation, no cake-face and still no rush to set with powder. Once I apply my concealer, face powder, blush, bronzer, etc. you can't tell if I'm wearing a CC Cream or a liquid foundation.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

My First Threading at S.H.A.P.E.S Brow Bar

As a busy SAHM of two, I don't really pay much attention to my brows. I'll do basic tweezing to remove stray hairs and some trimming of those random long hairs I tend to get. Other than that, I don't really shape them or groom them very often (we're talking once a month or so). Well, when S.H.A.P.E.S Brow Bar reached out to me about checking out their brow evaluation and grooming services at my local mall kiosk, I figured it was overdue for my brows to get some pampering ;)

I visited the S.H.A.P.E.S kiosk at the Hayward Southland Mall (CA), they also have a store in the mall, but my appointment was over at the kiosk with Aman, she was very gentle on my newbie brows and explained the whole process before starting. Let me just jump in and say, yes, it hurts, no, it's not like tweezing or waxing, it just feels like all my little hairs got stuck in a zipper and ripped out all together... over and over. I shed a few tears, it stung a bit afterwards, but when I saw the results I completely forgot about the pain and was excited to come back for more! Oh and the best part, the service was just $10.00, and I was only there for a few minutes.

Starter Brow Pack - 5 brow services $45 (3 mons) SAVE $10
Value Brow Pack - 10 brow services $80 (6 mons) SAVE $30
Ultimate Brow Pack - 15 brow services $105 (9 mons) SAVE $60
Premium Brow Pack - 25 brow services $150 (12 mons) SAVE $125
Super Saver Pack - 6 brow & lip services $75 (6 mons) SAVE $27

For convenience, packages are also available on their website for purchase CLICK HERE.

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