Friday, January 30, 2015

Essence Super Fine Eyeliner Pen - Review & Swatches

This is a heartbreaking review to post because when I bought the Essence Super Fine Eyeliner Pen ($2.99), I was very excited about it! I have and love and repurchase the I Heart Punk Jumbo Eyeliner Pen, and I just assumed it would have the same quality but with a finer tip. No. Not at all. It is a horrible eyeliner. Such a shame too, the felt tip design is great for easy use and creating graphic wings and sharp lines, but this eyeliner transfers for hours, and it STAINS! :( I used a makeup remover wipe AND Bioderma... it's still faintly there.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Colorful Marbled Lips with OCC Lip Tars

Yesterday I was chatting with my friends Tristan and Francine, and we got to discussing this photo posted on the OCC Facebook page, and after trying to figure out if it was photoshopped or real, I decided to slather my lips in OCC Lip Tars and see if I could marble the colors. Last night's attempt turned out pretty awesome, but my son woke up from his nap so I didn't get to finish painting my lips. So, this morning, I ran into my beauty office and redid my marbled lips. I love it! :)

OCC Lip Tars Used: Yaoi, Beta, Pool Boy, Rollergirl, Mannequin (I ended up not using the last shade, Rhythm Box)

p.s. This is not as wearable as I wished it would be. With talking, all the colors mash together and end up looking like mud hahaha! But it is fun to do and wear for a short time ;)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mystery Mascara from Popsugar & Sephora

This morning I received a Mystery Mascara from Popsugar and Sephora, so I thought it would be a fun experience to share with you all. The packaging is black with a silver top, no labels, no hints of the brand at all. The wand is plastic and slightly curved, the bristles in the curve are shorter than the bristles on the outside of the curve.

Here is a photo of my bare lashes curled.

Here is a photo of the first coat. Not bad, I actually like it. My lashes are naturally stubborn straight and usually lose the curl with non-waterproof formulas, so I'm very intrigued by the Mystery Mascara because it looks to lengthen, add a little volume to the base, a little lash separation, and best of all it seems to lift my lashes and maintain the curl.

Here is a photo of the second coat. I feel like it looks okay, but it took some extra work to keep the lashes separated, they really wanted to stick together. I think the formula dries slowly, the second coat felt very plush and soft. Easy to build up the volume. After it dried, I feel like my lashes lost a lot of lift as the base and just the ends are lifted. They seem to have fallen, I can see a hazy black above my vision. (I think I should have settled with the first coat)

"a super-curl that lasts up to 12 hours" I'll update tomorrow ;)

UPDATE 1/29/12: I wore this mascara all day and it pretty much looked the same by 11pm, there was no flaking or smudging, nor did my lashes drop any farther. I still had a bit of lift and curl on the ends.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

IMATS LA 2015 - Haul Video & Swatches!

I've just uploaded my massive IMATS LA 2015 haul video on my YouTube channel, it is about half an hour long, and I honestly cut out as much as I could! After the embedded video, I'll insert images of the products I purchased and swatches - I'll be reviewing some of these items as I go along.