Saturday, October 18, 2014

Glowing Ghost Nail Art

After swatching and reviewing (here) the SinfulColors Glow in the Dark nail polish,  I had a cute idea to do some ghost nails with the Glow in the Dark polish, and when you turn out the lights, their cute little ghost figures glow perfectly!

I did three coats of Glow in the Dark (I found the more coats you do, the brighter the glow), a couple dabs of black polish for the eyes and some messy tip work for the jagged shape of the ghosts, plus some tiny dots for the eyes. It turned out really fun, I just wish I knew how to take photos in the dark to show how cute they look when they glow. I also did a matte version using the ELF Matte Finisher.

Friday, October 17, 2014

SinfulColors Wicked Halloween - review & swatches (partial collection)

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Recently SinfulColors launched their Wicked Halloween collection in Walgreens and Target stores, and today I have swatches of five of those shades. These are their glitter toppers, so I tried to pair them with base colors to make them really pop and look Halloween fitting.

First up is Cauldron Couture, a clear base with matte black hex glitters in large, small and micro sizes, and then metallic emerald green shards and hex glitters in small and micro sizes. AH! This one is so much fun, I love it! I don't have any green glitter mixes like this, it's a shade that can been worn year round depending on the base color you combine it with. With a Maleficent theme in mind, I did two coats of ELF Purple Dream with two coats of SinfulColors Cauldron Couture, topped with a shiny top coat.

Next is Pumpkin Spice, a clear base with metallic gold micro hex glitters and metallic red small hex glitters. This one is a favorite, and it'll be fun to wear for all the holidays coming up, so easy to call it a Thanksgiving and Christmas polish. To stick to a Halloween theme, I did one coat of ELF Black with one coat of SinfulColors Pumpkin Spice, topped with a shiny top coat.

This is Mystery Moonshine, slightly pink clear base with metallic shards in cobalt blue, emerald green, and copper. I found this shade kind of out of place for a Halloween theme, it's just so bright and cheery, not evil or wicked looking at all, so I simply did one coat of ELF Black with two coats of SinfulColors Mystery Moonshine, topped with a shiny top coat.

Last of the glitter toppers is Splatter Spell, a clear base with matte black hex glitters in small and micro sizes, and metallic gold shards and hex glitters in small. This is another polish that I think will be fun all year round, but with a Frankenstein theme in mind, I did two coats of ELF Meadow Mist with two coats of SinfulColors Splatter Spell, topped with a shiny top coat.

Last one is Glow in the Dark, a cloudy sheer polish that indeed glows in the dark. Sadly though, I cannot figure out how to photograph a glow in the dark manicure - like, how do I take a picture in the dark?? I spent way too long, almost an hour, charging my nails by sunlight or lamp and running to my linen closet to attempt to get a glowing photo. 1.) my phone camera won't take a photo unless it is in focus, 2.) it seemed like the glowing only lasted a few seconds, so by the time I was trying to photograph the glow, it didn't stay strong enough to show up in any of my dark photos. It's not the most potent glow in the dark polish I've tried, but it's affordable in local stores, so it's worth the $1-$2 for funsies. Here I did two coats of SinfulColors Glow in the Dark, topped with a shiny top coat.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SinfulColors Wicked Color Halloween 2014

This is such a fabulously Wicked collection from SinfulColors! I cannot wait to run to Walgreens and Target to find this entire collection, because there are some awesome shades I must have. These are all $1.99 each and have launched this month so you should have them already in store. Don't forget to follow them on social media so you won't miss out on collections coming out, TWITTER & FACEBOOK.

First up are the super fun toppers, Cauldron Couture "Wickedly glittery emerald", Glow In The Dark "Ghoulishly fluorescent", Mystery Moonshine "Multi-colored confetti", Splatter Spell "Gilded black flecks".

And then there are the Halloween favorites, Black on Black "Dark-as-night black", Clear Top Coat "Scarily shiny topcoat", Cloud 9 "Pumpkin perfect orange", Courtney Orange "Opalescent tangerine", GoGo Girl "Sleek & sexy candy-apple red", Let's Talk "A royal purple hue", Pine Away "Glittering metallic green", Pumpkin Spice "Twinkling fall orange", Snow Me White "Bright white", Starry Night "A sprinkle of midnight stardust".

Sinful Shine Prosecco - Swatches

I recently acquired the sought after Sinful Colors Sinful Shine in Prosecco, courtesy of the sweetest Francine of The Polished Mommy, thank you girl!! :) The Sinful Shine line is a favorite of mine, and I wish I could find more because they apply and wear so beautifully. Prosecco is part of a special collection that Sinful Colors released recently, and I'm hoping to find the display myself so I can hoard all shades they have (except for Most Sinful because I already one that one, so gorgeous!). This shade is a grey beige with tiny gold flakes, it's a thinner formula for the Sinful Shine line, but three coats is fine and also using as a topper on a like shade would work too.